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Travel & Shop The World For Free

Travel & Shop The World For Free


Do you enjoy international travel? Do you like shopping for interesting antiques and vintage pieces? And wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the two?

Even better, wouldn’t it be great if your interesting shopping paid for your international travel?


This is the only book on the market that teaches you how to plan an international buying trip, where to go, what to buy when you get there, how to ship it home, and then how to sell it. 


Part 1 condenses 30 years of experience into simple, easy-to-follow steps. Who knows, pretty soon we could find ourselves shopping together in Paris. Or Helsinki. Or Marrakech.


Part 2 highlights a variety of destinations that I've enjoyed, for shopping, sight-seeing and having adventures - and sometimes misadventures. If you're not quite ready to follow the steps in Part 1, delve into Part 2 to be entertained and motivated. But follow the steps outlined in this book, and soon enough you'll have your own traveller's tales.


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