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Your free eBook was written by Debra Palmen, an antiques dealer of 30+ years’ experience, best selling author and magazine features writer. It provides clear instructions on how to undertake a successful international antiques buying trip, and it’s full of great advice and entertaining stories.


You’ll learn how to plan your itinerary, where to go, what to buy when you get there, how to ship it home and then sell it at a profit, so you can do it all again. It’s a tried and true method that’s worked for years.


Using this technique, to ensure you buy sufficient quality and quantity you’ll do most of your shopping in France and England. Sorry, but you’ll have to go to Paris. Then you can head off to explore wherever else takes your fancy.


If you’d prefer a print book, you can buy it here on the website for only $15.

But this eBook is yours for free.


See you in Paris!

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