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Fabulous Beasts & How to Collect Them (Vol 1)

Fabulous Beasts & How to Collect Them (Vol 1)

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An expert guide to buying animal-related antiques like a professional 


For thousands of years, people have produced and collected images and artifacts depicting the animals important to them. Some are simply mass-produced tatt. They weren’t valuable then, and they’re not valuable now. But some items are valuable. Beautiful, desirable, and very collectable, some items increase in value all the time. But how can you tell the difference?


It’s easy to make expensive mistakes. But with expert guidance, it’s a whole lot easier and much more fun to hunt down the good stuff. Select well, and you’ll buy pieces that not only retain their value but could also prove to be good investments. And in the meantime, you can enjoy them.


In this series, I draw on my tertiary qualifications in anthropology to outline the social history surrounding many of the world’s favourite animals. I explore their intriguing, sometimes bizarre, but always interesting folklore and social histories.


Then, with over 35 years of experience as an antiques dealer and international buyer, I’ll guide you through the different types of items that are relevant to each featured animal.


-  You’ll learn what’s valuable, what’s not, and why.

-  You’ll learn how to spot a bargain and how to avoid expensive mistakes.

-  In the end, you’ll have fun while either buying a few nice pieces or creating an interesting and valuable collection any animal lover would be proud to own.


You can develop your knowledge over years. But with an expert guide, you can learn how to shop like a professional right now.


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