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A Cat's Tale - Curse of the Cat Mummy

A Cat's Tale - Curse of the Cat Mummy

SKU: Book 4


            This book is beautifully illustrated in the French Art Deco style.


In ancient Egypt all cats were worshipped as Gods, did you know that?

And that’s exactly how it should be, don’t you think?

Just don’t try to steal from Bastet’s Temple or she’ll turn you into a Cat Zombie.


This is Calypso’s story about how she and Tallulah went to Egypt and accidentally summoned Bastet the Cat Goddess.

Do Temple robes make your bum look big?

That is the question.


                     Calypso's stories are set in the French Art Deco era.  

                This is the fourth book in her series, and it's COMING SOON.

Available in early 2023
  • This is a high-quality hard cover print book.

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