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  • Debra Palmen

Tauriel's Big Day Out

It's official: Tauriel has commenced her career as Calypso's book marketing manager. And what better place to start than at Australia's oldest bookseller, Berkelouw Books.

Here she is, posing beautifully on the shop's front counter, with Kylie, Berkelouw's manager.

And here are Calypso's books now on the shelves in Berkelouw Books.

The books are set in the 1920s. The reading age is 6-12, but they've been specially illustrated in the French Art Deco manner, so they appeal to grown-ups too.

In Book 1, Calypso helps her girl Tallulah overcome her fear of the water to learn how to swim. Be sure to check out the abs on Pierre, the swimming instructor. I sent Judy, the illustrator, a picture of Brad Pitt's abs from the movie Thelma & Louise as the guide. Because, why not?

In Book 2, Calypso helps Tallulah face down discrimination just because she's a girl, and she learns to fly a fabulous yellow biplane. But not before she tries out a hot air balloon, which almost pops against the Eiffel Tower. In this book, she's helped by the first of her special Guest Stars, who is the former Head of the Australian Air Force, so he knows a thing or two about flying. Guest Stars will feature in all the coming books, and you can apply to be one too.

In Book 3, Calypso and Tallulah are almost robbed by the greatest art thief in all of France. So what can Tallulah do? Of course, she must learn to be a ninja. Every cat is a natural-born ninja, did you know that? But humans need lessons. Before she can start her ninja training, Tallulah must set off on a quest around Japan to find inner peace. This book features geishas, snow monkeys, dancing cranes, the Great Torii Gate, robbers, a handsome gendarme, a fabulous Art Deco kitchen, and of course ninjas. Lots of ninjas. There are two Guest Stars in this book, one is a fox who's a real-life Instagram celebrity, and one who isn't a very good art thief.

So, after the triumphant start to her glittering marketing career, Tauriel reclined on my lap on the way home, exhausted from fending off the pawparazzi. Calypso was the most photographed cat in Eumundi, but Tauriel is getting an early start on matching her big sister's record.

And back home, because she's a good girl when she's all tuckered out, her new big brother Klaatu let her sit with him for the first time.

Mostly she tries to put him in a headlock and gnaw on his tail at every opportunity, so this was a breakthrough.

So all in all, it was a big day out for the world's youngest Marketing Manager. And more will come.

If you have anyone in your life who would enjoy Calypso and Tallulah's tales of adventure and finding your strength with the help of your friends, these books make a lovely gift. You can find them on the website, in person at Peregian Beach Markets and now at Berkelouw Books in Eumundi.

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John Browne
John Browne
Oct 01, 2023

Nice to meet Tauriel at the Perigian Beach Sun market today. What a gorgeous (and relaxed) cat she is. Lovely soft coat!

Debra Palmen
Oct 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! She's growing into a lovely girl, and we love each other a lot.

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