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Membership Has Its Privileges

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Okay, this is a super-quick Newsletter. I know I'm not known for that, but this time it's different.

Here's the deal: from now on, whenever I put something especially special on the website, Subscribers to this Newsletter will get to see it before the general public.

I have some fabulous things coming up, rare and beautiful, at fabulous prices.

And you'll get to see them first.

First up, I have just put a nice selection of antique and vintage jewellery online. The collection includes pieces like this delicate and rare French Zazou brand necklace, hand-made from crystal rhinestones and enamel, set in bronze. Can you see the little enamel ladybird? You'll be hard-pressed to find a better Zazou necklace on the market any time soon.

There is also this lovely French vintage blue foiled glass necklace. I do like foiled glass; it shimmers without seeming too 'bling'. I'm also highlighting here an unusually large Baltic amber pendant set in silver and with many plant inclusions. It's a nice vintage piece, which means it's somewhat larger than modern pendants. You'll make no Jurassic dinosaurs out of it, but perhaps a Jurassic garden.

Some of the pieces I'm offering are from my own collection, so obviously I think they're of excellent quality. Can you guess which are from my personal stash? You might be surprised. I buy many beautiful things and I can keep whatever I like, so it's got to be good to join my own collection. But I've always said that things don't have to be expensive to be beautiful.

I've held on to these pieces for a few years, to see if I would be able to go on another buying trip and then open another pop-up shop that included a jewellery counter. But that won't be happening any time soon, so I'm offering on the website some special things that would normally only be offered in a shop. And you're being shown these pieces first because you subscribe to my Newsletter.

But if you have a friend or family member who might be interested, why not invite them to subscribe too, and they will also receive the exclusive, First Choice Offers that I have coming up.

From tomorrow afternoon I will advertise these pieces on Facebook so people have a chance to buy them in time for Christmas, but by then you'll have seen them first. As I prowl the Porte de Vanves market in Paris, where most of these items were purchased, I'm very much aware of that old adage, first-in/best-dressed. In the case of this jewellery, it's literal!

I'll be adding more beautiful pieces to the website that will be available for Subscribers to see first, very soon. That will include a few more jewellery pieces, just as soon as I can find what box I put them in for safekeeping, but also original French magazine images and a range of vintage decorative homewares.

If you like lovely vintage and antique pieces, at terrific prices, you'll find that Membership does indeed have its privileges.

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