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  • Debra Palmen

Exclusive Xmas Offer for Subscribers

Who doesn’t have a favourite animal? And many of those animals have a treasure-trove of antique and vintage wares specifically connected with them.

Volume 1 of Fabulous Beasts & How to Collect Them – An expert guide to buying animal-related antiques like a professional is available in print, and because you're a subscriber to my Newsletter, I’m offering you a Christmas discount and an exclusive free offer when you purchase a copy of Fabulous Beasts.

For a limited time, when you purchase Fabulous Beasts directly from my website, it will be discounted to only $15, plus you’ll also receive a free print copy of my first Best Seller, Travel & Shop the World for Free. Just go to

If you’re not sure if it’s the book for you, here’s a little insight. We look at the fascinating social histories of ten animals in this Volume, and then I help you sort out what’s valuable, what’s not and why when looking at antiques specifically related to them. Chapters include:

1. Buzzing with Bee-auty: Vintage bee-related items have a wide appeal. But before you buy attractive, industrial-looking artefacts, remember that beekeeping equipment from the 1800s might not meet modern safety standards. Other than that, it’s not hard to appreciate the vintage craftsmanship of bee-inspired treasures. These little creatures feature in charming folklore stories in many cultures, and are essential for the future of the world – if we’re planning on eating, that is.

2. Buying with Cattitude: Many people think that antique cat-themed decor is purrfect, but be sure your real-life moggie doesn’t mistake that fragile porcelain feline for a playmate. It's all fun and games until that antique catnip dish turns into a shattered memory. But a properly curated assortment of vintage cat pieces to will add value and feline finesse to your space. Whether they’re cute porcelain kitties or a sleek Art Deco panthers, Cats Rule.

3. Egg-citing Chicken Finds: Celebrate the cluck-tastic charm of antique chicken collectibles. From rustic egg baskets to quirky coop signs, these vintage treasures can lay the foundation for a farm-fresh aesthetic. Genuine chicken-themed antiques and vintage wares are in big demand, and if you buy well you’ll not only have charming additions to your kitchen, you’ll also have made some good investments. Lucky you know someone who can help you with that.

4. Canine Chic: Vintage dog accessories can create a canine haven that's both stylish and quirky. Old-fashioned dog bowls are not just decor; they're functional as well as beautiful. Remember, though, that although it’s cool, not all vintage pet gear should be used today. Even though all dogs are descended from wolves, antique dog collars were generally made for mutts somewhat smaller than their modern descendants. Make sure your furry friend's comfort comes before the allure of historical canine chic. And also consider that genuine antique dog collars can cost an absolute motza, and might be better displayed somewhere other than Fido’s grubby neck.

5. Dragonfly Delight: Many people delight in the delicate all of antique dragonfly decor in their homes. These iridescent vintage beauties can light up your room with a touch of nature-inspired elegance. But did you know that dragonflies are stone-cold killers; utterly ferocious and the world’s most successful apex predator? It turns out these little critters are not as delicate as they seem, and it’s just as well that mad scientists can’t really turn them into the giants we see in horror movies.

6. Dragons of Distinction: There’s so much rubbish on the market associated with these animals, but there are also genuine antique and vintage pieces that are outstanding and totally covetable. With a little help, you can learn to professionally curate a collection that adds interest and considerable value to your home décor, rather than make you look like a Fantasy tragic.

7. Fairy Tale Reality Check: Antique fairy-themed items add whimsy, and can transport you to a world of imagination, where fairies dance with delight and add a sprinkle of joy to your surroundings. But all is not what it seems with these little beauties. Other than Brownies – and every house needs a Brownie, they’ll taunt you, tease you, and abduct your children. Where is Tinker Bell when we need her?

8. Murderous Marine Maids: Dive into the ocean of vintage mermaid collectibles. These aquatic wonders, from mermaid figurines to sea-inspired art, bring the allure of the deep blue to your decor, creating an under-the-sea ambiance. But don’t confuse vintage mermaids with their Disney counterparts. Being drowned and sometimes eaten was a real risk with mermaids of old. Both antique and more recent mermaid pieces can command significant prices, if you know what to look for.

9. Peacock Problems: Antique peacock motifs are stunning. From vibrant feathers to elegant designs and even eye-catching chairs, these vintage finds can add a touch of elegance to your space, turning it into a peacock paradise. They’ve been venerated in a variety of cultures throughout time, and even the ancient Greeks found a hysterical way to incorporate them into their mythology.

10. Unicorn Realities: The number of people who love vintage unicorns is amazing, and fortunately for them, there are many genres of antiques that can satisfy even the fussiest collector. The older pieces aren’t cutsie at all – they’re fierce and beautiful and it’s easy to see their appeal. Unicorns have featured in folklore in many cultures, with everyone wanting to get their hands on a genuine horn, of course. But did you know there are only two sure ways to capture a unicorn? You need a tree or a virgin, either will do.

If you love animals, or you have a friend who does, this Guide is informative and entertaining. And might I suggest it would be a terrific Christmas gift, for yourself or that friend? And for a limited time only, it's effectively half-price because you'll also receive the Best Seller, Travel & Shop the World for Free into the bargain. You're welcome!

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