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We're back!

Well hello!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. But you know, if you’ve got nothing to say, say nothing. And this year, not much has been happening.

That’s all changed and now I have stuff to tell you. But I’ll keep it quick:

Naturally, we haven’t gone on a buying trip this year, and it’s looking like none for us in 2021 as well.

Lucky 2022 is our lucky number! And also lucky I bought up so very big during our last trip, so I think we’ll be fine for good stock over the period.

Peregian Beach Market is back in business. We have a new spot, literally the last stop before the beach, and we’re very happy with it. There were two markets held in October, and things have gone very well. The benefit of having bought 3.5 tonnes on our last buying trip, and then having no markets or fairs all year, is that we have rather a lot of seriously good stock to offer. Heading into summer, we’re going to enjoy some beautiful days at the beach every fortnight. Next Peregian Market will be on Sunday 15 November.

Collectorama Antiques Fair, at the Nambour Showgrounds, is also back in business. It’s being held this coming Saturday, 7 November 2020. Apparently, the stands are sold out, which means an extra big fair.

Those of you who visit us at the Fair know that we go all-out and set up a full-on mini-shop, and this time will be no exception. It’s going to be great. Even with a lot more competition than usual, I think we’ll hold our own. We have great copper, enamel, wood, glass and ceramics, and even small pieces of furniture. The next Collectorama won’t be held until March 2021, so if you have an interest in coming along this is your last chance for a while.

If you follow Calypso the Cat (on Instagram her account is lifewithcalypso) you know that her first book has been published and has been very well received. So that’s good news. At Peregian Market, the wretch out-sells my books three to one. I have two artists working on the series right now, and Books 2 and 3 are on track for an early 2021 publication date. More on that as it happens, but I’ve included here a sneak peek of the covers.

While rummaging through the shed to reach some furniture in the very far corner – of course it was as far from the door as was possible – Doug came across a number of stock boxes that clearly hadn’t been opened for about a decade. And wow, good stock. Sterling silver spoons, compacts and candlesticks, beautiful jewellery, even some very nice ceramics and glass.

I’ve started putting some of the jewellery on the website, naturally at fabo prices – and remember Christmas is coming! Very soon I’ll pop some nice silver bits and bobs onto the website as well. Some of the ceramics will get their first showing at Collectorama. I promise you won’t find better prices than what I’ll offer.

I’m getting close to finishing Vol 1 of The Foodies Guide to Antiques & Collectables, the sister-series to Fabulous Beasts & How to Collect Them. The magazine I write for (Antiques & Collectables for Pleasure & Profit) is about to offer some excellent Christmas packages of good books at seriously great prices. Those packages will include Fabulous Beasts in the line-up, so if you’d like something entertaining and informative for yourself of a loved one, head over to and pretty soon they’ll have some good offers for you. Or you can subscribe to the magazine via the website, which is great value because they give you free postage. Or just pop into your local newsagent for a copy.

Normally, around this time of year, I start considering whether I’ll open a pop-up shop for the Christmas/New Year period. I haven’t given it any serious thought yet, but if the right location appeared I might be interested in a short-term lease. So if you know of a good location in Eumundi or Cooroy, by all means be in touch via the Contact Us page. Calypso loves being the shop manager because everyone she meets treats her like a Rock Star. And of course, I love being her entourage. No, really.

Okay not really, but I do enjoy having customers ignore me but talk directly to her. And coming home covered in cat fur. And spending the day smelling of those special treats-in-a-tube that she goes absolutely nuts over. I’m not so much entourage as minion. But every cat needs a minion, right? Being a successful author has gone right to her head – talk to the paw, she tells me when I complain.

Okay, that’s my update. Remember to keep an eye on the website for various very nice bits and bobs that have already appeared and will be added to soon.

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