• Debra Palmen

Keep Calm & Be a Cat

So, it’s the day before Unpack Day at the Collectorama Antiques Fair. And the rain is fair belting down. Terrific.

And the forecast is for torrential rain and thunderstorms for the next 10 days straight. Terrific-er.

And that’s on top of the floods around the Sunshine Coast, which in our case left ruts as deep as a grown man's waist in our road and made it impassable for a while. Terrific-er-est.

We didn’t get flooded, as so many poor people did – and are continuing to be as I type, so we do have something to be grateful for.

And what can we do but breathe? The Fair will happen, or it won’t. Yes, it’s the first big one of the year, which I’ve spent weeks preparing for, and the next one isn’t for another three months. That’s a long time between paychecks. But what can you do but Keep Calm and Be a Cat?

And to that end, because I’m reliably informed that Colour Therapy is a thing, I have just added a new Free Download to my website. It’s a colouring book full of helpful phrases to entertain and distract you. I’ve tried it, and it’s true that while you’re concentrating on colouring between the lines, you are distracted from any stress you’re feeling.

Just go to the website,, visit the Free Downloads page, and when you have the time and inclination, give Colour Therapy a go. It’s free for you because you subscribe to my Newsletter. But if you know someone who might also benefit, feel free to give them the details so they can download it too.

More Free Downloads and some pretty fabulous stock will be added to the website soon. And you’ll hear about them first because you’re a subscriber to my Newsletter.

Okay, I’m going to finish my preps for the Fair, just in case it’s not a wash-out. Light showers we can do. A bit soggy we can cope with. Torrential rain, thunderstorms and giant hail - which is happening at our house right now - means a Hard No for the Fair.

But I’ll include lots of photos of our stand on Instagram (@ french_and_vintage) if it goes ahead. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I shall Keep Calm & Be a Cat.

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