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Good News & Bad News

Are you a Good News First, or a Bad News First kind of person?

I like good news first, so that's what you're getting: if you haven't yet bought a copy of my book, you can now buy it from directly from me and Calypso in our pop-up shop. But if you're not planning to be in Eumundi any time soon, for December only we're offering Free Postage to anywhere in Australia. So you can buy the book from the website, and pay the same as if you were standing with us in the shop ($25). Happy Christmas, everyone.

Now for the bad news: the ship with our new container of stock is running a week late. Quelle disaster!

The ship was meant to dock in Brisbane on 5 December; now I'm told it will be 12 December. Right now it's languishing in Singapore for unexplained reasons. I've offered to get out there and push but there's no hurrying some shipping lines, apparently. We'll get our new things around mid-December, but dang it I was planning for early December. Already entire shelves in the shop are empty and I'm feeling a bit embarrassed when people ask me when I'm going to finish unpacking. I have finished unpacking! For now.

More on this as the Bad News morphs back into Good News, when the shipment arrives.

Meanwhile, the shop has been really busy - thanks everyone! - but in the quiet times, while Calypso snoozes on my lap, I've been plugging away at my next book.

Little Beasties & How To Collect Them is coming together nicely. I have a few chapters to go. Then, as soon as I've found a suitable illustrator I'll start the final phase prior to publication. There's more work than you might think in getting a book ready for publication and launch, but I'll share what's happening as we go.

Meanwhile, what do you think about this photo of Calypso as the cover? I've been toying with the idea of having this photo turned into a stylized illustration. I also like a dragon's eye picture, although the artist charges a lot for his work. Leave a comment below, or email me privately if you've got a view.

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