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How 21st Century, dahling ....

Somewhere in this Newsletter I will prove to you, categorically, that I've plunged head first into the 21st century. See if you can guess that spot. Here's a clue: all the pictures featured here are clues.

So, planning for our next buying trip is complete, we’ve survived the last big antiques fair before we go, and now we have only one more beach market to attend until we’re on our way back to Europe. Can’t wait! This time we’re coming home via Israel and Jordan, and that should be fascinating, with potentially excellent buying as well. Can’t wait!

Thanks to everyone who bought my book at the Collectorama antiques fair and also at Peregian beach market. I’m still new enough at this game to be thrilled every time someone buys a copy. But that leads me to:

Odd Encounter at the Fair #7003

A woman started leafing through my book so I chatted with her about it, explaining its different aspects (Part 1 being instructional, Part 2 with more entertaining travel features).

So this is your book? she asked. Yes, I said. You wrote this book? she asked. Yes, I said. She was suspicious and narrowed her eyes at me. Every word? she asked.

No lady, I wrote every third word. That’s what I thought. You know how you sometimes think of good (ie. smart alek) things that you’re too polite to actually say?

And yes, I’ll have you know I do curb my tongue. From time to time. And I did with this woman, even though she didn’t deserve it.

She remained sceptical. So you wrote Every. Single. Word? she quizzed. Yes. Every. Single. Word, I said. And without further comment she turned and walked away. Only one of us felt the need to be polite during this exchange, apparently.

A short while later she returned with her husband. Look at this book, she instructed him. She pointed an accusing finger at me, This woman claims she wrote it, she said. Hello, I said to him, with a raised eyebrow and no smile.

Raised eyebrow and no smile is a sign I think all men, the world over, instantly recognize as A Bad Thing. And yes indeed my patience had evaporated, but he at least had the good grace to look embarrassed and shrug at me before he bundled his wife away. Without a copy of my book, I might add.

I know it’s not Shakespearean prose but I promise, hand on heart, that Travel & Shop The World For Free is all by me. And we’re about to prove the system works yet again, by heading off very soon for our eleventy-hundredth trip.

Meanwhile, my next book Little Beasties & How To Collect Them is proceeding, but slowly.

Finally I finished my research on unicorns and almost got my head around the bizarre academic dissertations that describe them as religious allegories, so I could produce a chapter that was readable and entertaining (I hope!).

Now I’m on to the Bees chapter. You’ve got to love those little critters. There are so many interesting vintage collectables associated with them, and not one peculiar academic paper - and if there is, I’m not reading it!

Also meanwhile, in preparation for the Miss Malin’s Amazing Moments children’s series I’m writing, I’ve created an Instagram page for Calypso. She will be a major character in these books, travelling the world and having adventures with Miss Malin.

I met a marketing expert who said because Calypso is a real cat I’d be crazy to not include her in the marketing for the books. She’s a lovely girl who photographs well and everyone loves her when she manages my pop-up shops. I’ve included a bunch of photos of her this time, and you can see she’ll make a lovely book character.

So if you’d like to follow Calypso on Instagram go to Lifewithcalypso and you can be among her first followers. It's fast and easy and a bit of fun. I’ll put various book illustrations onto her page when they’re done and her followers will get special offers when the books are ready. So I don’t have an Instagram page, but my cat does. She even takes selfies, as you’ll see. And yes to all you Clever Dicks who guessed right, this is my 21st century moment.

Finally, the big promotion that will include my book and that I’ve been waiting to tell you all about, will be kicking off soon. In association with the magazine Antiques & Collectables for Pleasure & Profit – Australia’s premier magazine on all things antique, vintage, retro and collectable – my book will soon be part of a Special Offer.

You’ll be able to obtain a copy of the 2017 Antiques & Vintage Price Guide at a much reduced price, plus get a print copy of my book for free. Plus free postage to your house (if you live in Australia). Sounds like a deal, right? I’ll include the details of the website you need visit to obtain this wondrous offer as soon as I know.

My next Newsletter will come to you from somewhere in deepest darkest England. By golly I hope they get their act together and warm things up before we get there, though. We’re searching high and low for our gloves and beanies, which we never wear at home but are wardrobe essentials once we hit Europe.

PS. If the lady who wanted me to find a vintage meat/terrine press is reading this, I’ve got one! It’s from my own collection, but I don’t need two of the same version so it’s available. It will be at the Peregian Beach Market this coming Sunday, 17 September. You’ll love it, so I hope to see you there.

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