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Hurrah! AT LAST it's here (partially)

I’d tell you to picture me doing a little happy dance, except I’m too exhausted. So let’s just agree in principle that I have danced a little dance, jigged a little jig, that my hair is smooth and flowing, and my weight is somewhat less than it is. Yes, that’s a nice picture in my mind’s eye. None of it’s true, but what the heck.

The bit that is true is that Yay! Yay! Yay! the shipment is here. Well, half the shipment is here.

Intellects vastly superior to mine in the Quarantine Service have decided to hold almost all the wood and a good deal of the metalware, for “further inspection”. The fact that I brought the same type of pieces into the country last time (and the time before, and the time before) with no comment at all, is beside the point. This time they have “issues”.

So anyway, we’ll have to traipse back down to Brisbane to pick up half of the shipment sometime next week. If you’ve pre-ordered kettering trays, I’ll be in touch when they arrive, but right now Quarantine dudes are having fun looking at them.

Everyone who pre-ordered one of those lovely French reclining hares will be glad they did, because already the rest are sold. Except for the one ordered by Allison M. Allison, if you’re reading this will you contact me because the email address I have for you isn’t working. You can find me at

And Elfie, I have a particularly good tiny, tiny red storage vat with your name all over it. I won't respond to the ugly rumours that I dropped my phone down the toilet, losing all data on it. But suffice to say I don't have you number any more, so please send me an email. And that goes for everyone, if you wouldn't mind, send me an email with your phone number so I can reinstall all my info once I have a new phone.

So anyway, there we were in 35 degree heat, collecting the first of 3.8 tonnes. Just as we started loading the boxes into the truck I photographed Doug modelling his ever-so-stylish High-Vis jacket (compulsory for behind-the-scenes access at the Port of Brisbane). Doesn’t he look happy?

But pretty soon his happy, smiling face was replaced by a red brow, all-over sweat, hair-askew, back-aching – and that was just me!

Oooooh, I bought nice things last October! Things I have no memory of buying, but I’m glad I did. So I unpacked and tagged and boxed late into the night, and got up at 5am to do a bit more, then brought lots of new things into the shop before we opened. And by the time we’d closed I had several empty shelves and others looking decidedly sparse.

So I did the same last night – unpacked for a few hours, and up again at 5am this morning, brought the new things in, and yep, I again have empty shelves and things spread out a lot. I was pretty sure I’d bought very well during our last trip – and it was easy buying, with good things just appearing before me, rather than having to hunt, hunt, hunt as I do on some trips. So it’s always nice when your customers agree with you. Thanks, customers! You have terrific taste.

I’ve now arranged to lease a venue for a February pop-up shop, also in Eumundi. I didn’t want to do another pop-up so soon after this one, but the stock has only just arrived and I have 3.8 tonnes to display and a good venue will enable me to do that to best advantage. This one will be right on Memorial Drive, directly opposite the markets. In fact, right next-door to my old permanent shop.

If you’ve read my book you know The First Rule of Pop-Up is that you must have street frontage, which I don’t have in this shop. So it will be great to have fabulous new stock right in front of every single passing person in Eumundi. The new venue is much smaller than where I am right now, so it will be packed, but by golly it will be good.

But meanwhile, I have a little over a week to go in my little shop up the laneway, and every single day I’ll restock the shelves with something nice. I’ll be exhausted doing this until the end of February, and already Calypso is getting all tuckered out by her many admirers and flaking out on my desk every day. I feel a need coming on to recuperate with a little playtime in Paris in March. Are you all saying “poor love” right now? Hey, this is hard work. Don’t you shake your heads at me; it is, I tell you.

More photos will be on Facebook. And plenty more to come.

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