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You're Hearing This First

Because you're subscribers to my Newsletter, you get to hear this news first: I've decided to have a sale.

In almost 30 years it's my first, and quite possibly last sale, ever.

Quarantine is still phaffing about, but now we're told we'll be able to pick up our new shipment sometime next week. Don't know when yet.

But when the new stock arrives, I'll have 1.5 tonnes of unpacking to do. And that means everything currently in the shop will need to be wrapped and packed and put away for a while.

Who wants to do that? Packing sucks.

Look at Calypso - does she look ready to spring into action? That's how I feel, too. So, I figure, why not just flog the stuff at an extraordinarily good price and let you carry it off?

So until the new stock arrives, every single thing currently in the pop-up shop (except my book), will be reduced by 20%. Even my vintage pictures, which I will never, ever, ever discount never, ever, ever again forever, will be reduced on this one occasion.

That's 20% off wholesale price, people. That's gobsmackingly good. That's unbeatably good. And it's happening for the next few days only. Come and help save me and Calypso from having to pack, and score yourself an utter bargain in the process.

Do you know where my pop-up shop is?

We're in Eumundi, at the top of the laneway next to The Store, very close to the Imperial Hotel, on Memorial Drive. We're open from 10am - 3pm every day except Sunday.

And after we've had the sale we'll then have 1.5 tonnes of fabulous new stock for you to rummage through. It's going to be good!

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