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Too Cool For School

We’ve been back in sunny Queensland for six days. Jetlag has been shaken off, although it didn’t go willingly. It’s always my plan to keep the hours of the time zone I’m in, but jetlag wants what jetlag wants and I spend an inordinate amount of time asleep in the first few days back home.

My plan was to photograph the variety of things we’d brought home in our luggage, but too late! I’ve already sold most of it. So yay, that bodes well for how the shipment as a whole might be accepted.

What I haven’t shown anyone yet is a selection of those lovely French linen chemise du nuit (men's night shirts that fit women as dresses) and big linen sacks that I dug out of Serge’s secret shed with the help of a pussycat companion. We didn’t bring them all back in our luggage, but we did bring several and now they’re laundered and ready to go.

I’ve also got a good selection of vintage images, courtesy of the Porte de Vanves market in Paris. I picked up some beautiful butterfly specimen board pictures from old magazines, one of which you can see above. I'll offer these in reproduction as well as the originals. And this time, in addition to lovely advertisements for perfume, lingerie, travel, etc I have a range of concert tour magazine advertisements.

Are you too cool for school? If you’re a rocker from way back I’ve got what you need. From U2, The Cure and Massive Attack, by way of Madonna, Prince and David Bowie, I found excellent concert tour advertisements. I’ll put more pictures on my Facebook page ( They'll all be $22, because you know when I buy at a great price I always pass it on.

I already have an old Madonna concert tour advertisement in my catalogue, and one Sunday at Peregian Beach Market a young wretch looking through the pictures asked Who's Madonna?

Oh come on! Just how young are my customers these days?

I’ll show the vintage pictures and antique linen at Collectorama, the big antiques fair at the Nambour Showgrounds, on 5 November. The linen is well over 100 years old, and will cost from $24 - $45, which are prices you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

I'll also offer the charming vintage Scotsman tin I've previously shown on Facebook, plus two beautiful French papier mache lidded boxes in the forms of a hare and a cockerel.

I heard today from the shipper that our container is likely to land in Brisbane on Christmas Day. So that's somewhat later than I was hoping for. But just in time for the New Year. In the meantime, I shall prepare for Collectorama – the last one for 2016 – and hope to see you there.

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