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The book is published! And for you, it's free.

It's been a long process, but my book Travel & Shop the World For Free is now published on Amazon. Yay!

And as promised to my Newsletter subscribers, from 19 - 21 July 2016 you can download the book for free.

This is how it works on Amazon: the more downloads and customer reviews a book receives, the higher its rating on the system. All downloads and reviews count, even if the book is free.

So please, feel free to tell any of your friends and family about this offer, if you think they'll be interested. Because from 19 - 21 July they can download the book for free too.

All I ask in return is that after downloading the book and having a look through it, each of you leaves a customer review.

Then, when the book is moved into the Paid Store (where I'll actually get paid for sharing my 30 years of experience), it will hopefully already be high in the ratings and therefore visible to potential purchasers.

So we both benefit: I'm giving you a book that tells you exactly how to become a successful international antiques buyer - how to plan a buying trip, where to go, what to buy when you get there, how to ship it home and then how to sell it. I'm hoping you'll find it entertaining and motivating. You're giving me your downloads and customer reviews.

Interested? This is what you do:

1. Go to

2. Type in the name of my book: Travel & Shop The World For Free

3. Click on the photo of my book, and voila! you're at my page

4. Download the book for free (right-hand side of the page)

5. Leave a Star Rating and Customer Review - after a day or so

I'm currently dealing with the publisher to finalise the print version of the book, which I hope will be available soon. There are 47 colour photos throughout the book, so it should look lovely. I'll tell you more on this when it's available.


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