• Debra Palmen

Going Gang-Busters

We’re rocketing through Week 3 of the Pop-Up shop. Time is flying so I must be having fun.

Actually, I am having fun. Customers keep coming and keep being luverley, and it’s all going according to plan. The only strange thing I can report on is The Carpark of Doom, directly outside my shop door. In two weeks I have witnessed five breakdowns in this spot, always large four-wheel drives. It seems excessive for one spot, don’t you think?

My theory is that these vehicles are blocking the good Feng Shui trying to flow into my shop, forcing all that energy to despatch with them on its path to my door. So it’s simple, all you four-wheel drive owners – to keep your car running, keep that carpark (and my shop’s sign, as chance would have it) clear!

The rumour that I have been sneaking out to despatch with these cars myself, and making up the tale of The Carpark of Doom so people in whacking big four-wheel drives are frightened off and don’t block my shop sign is a complete fabrication. Utter hooey. A total slander.

But it’s also a good idea.

Meanwhile, I’m still unpacking boxes from our last shipment. And yay, I’m finding plenty of good things. Vintage kitchenware has been a huge hit, which is great because I bought rather a lot of it. Our first Peregian Beach Market since the shipment arrived is coming up next Sunday (3 July) so I will select a nice range of things to present there, and see how we go.

Calypso and Caleb have been alternating as furry shop managers, and getting a great deal of attention. Calypso has had dozens of photos taken, and Caleb was mentioned on a local radio show yesterday. It’s a good bonding and training opportunity to have them with me in the shop, and they’re both tired when they get home so not a lot of “naughty” is going on at our place right now. That’s always a good thing.

My work to master this website is progressing (slowly), but soon I will be able to put more stock online for your perusal. If you’re not able to make it into our pop-up shop or to Peregian Beach Market, but you’d like to see something in particular, send me a message via the Contact Us page and I’ll get to work on it.

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