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New Ventures & Lessons Learned

Welcome to my first Newsletter.

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog ( you’ll know that I’ve been blogging for years, but this is my first Newsletter.

That’s a posh name for a blog, dahling. But now I’m a big girl, with a proper professional website, so I have a Newsletter.

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The big news is that our Pop-Up shop in Cooroy has been open for two weeks, and it’s doing well. Yay!

Lovely old enamelware has been a hit, and people are being creative with how they use it. I've already sold out of big, beautiful French wooden well buckets and Art Deco glass is being scooped up.

The locals have been very supportive, and I’m considering asking to rent the shop for a second month.

But only considering.

My previously cruisey lifestyle is in tatters. I’m working seven days a week, including opening new boxes of stock every single day. So man, I’m tired. I’m not used to having to apply myself for days on end, not lolling about reading a book or watching the latest episode of Black Sails when the whim takes me, not being able to skip off to the beach whenever I jolly well want.

And yet. The shop is doing really well, and I’m catching up with lots of former customers and meeting nice new people. Calypso loves being shop manager again, and Caleb is gradually coming to terms with the fact that I’m the Boss of Him when he’s in the shop. He complained long and loud the first day of being attached to me by his leash nonstop, but he’s getting over it. Grudgingly.

And I’ve learned some things about my current projects – the shop, the book and this website:

  1. The Pop-Up Shop. This is the only thing I’ve had total control over, and so far it’s the only thing going to plan. I’ve learned that Eumundi is probably a better site for a Pop-Up shop than Cooroy, because of the influx of cashed-up tourists to the Eumundi Markets twice a week. But things are still doing well in Cooroy and I’m a happy Vegemite. I’ve also learned that when running advertisements in newspapers, an “advertorial” that tells a story is read and retained by potential customers far, far better than a traditional advertisement. Advertorials cost more, but they are so much better I don’t think I’d bother with a traditional ad again.

  1. The Book. Ah, the book. Yes, it does exist! This is something I’d be happy to hear from other writers about. Travel & Shop The World For Free is my first book, so I don’t know if the intense supervision and extremely detailed direction my formatter has required is something that every book formatter needs, or just mine. She swore it would be ready in final form last Tuesday, but so far it isn’t. But I will leap straight into Launch mode as soon as it’s ready to go. Stay tuned on that front.

  1. The Website. How I hate technology. Everything looked luverley, with things to sell on each product page. Until it vanished. Why? Why? WHY? As you can see, it’s now back, no thanks to me. Slowly, painstakingly and with a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth I’ll master it. Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you'd like to see featured, or if you have ideas for how I can improve it, or what you think about it in general.

So, that’s it for my first Newsletter. I will let you know how the Pop-Up works. So far we’re at the end of the second of four weeks, and it’s all good. Seeing how this is one of the selling methods I outline in the book, it’s good to be able to show readers that it really does work.

More soon.

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